Gail and Brian Turnbull's Genealogy Collection

I have been working on this project for over 20 years. In the early days I took information from a variety of family resources and recorded it on various software programs. In those  days I was not very particular about documenting my sources. It usually was sufficient to indicate the information came from  an Aunt or Uncle. I made little effort to verify the information I was given. A significant part of my early Turnbull information came from my Aunt Margot Turnbull an experienced researcher, using the facilities of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS).

While working I did not have time for serious research, I limited myself to interviewing family and generally making a pest of myself. Today I have been attempting to document the various family lines. In so doing I have been able to discover more ancestors. I have two versions of my tree one a public version with the details on the living suppressed and the level of detail kept to the essentials. The other version has all the information I have collected and is intended for family and serious genealogists. Access to this site is password protected. The necessary codes can be obtained by writing the undersigned for  permission to view the site.

Brian Turnbull
Lac Louisa, August 2007

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Principle Families Included

Family Name

Oldest Ancestor



Blandford Darius Blandford, b 1830 - d 1829 Mother's family  
Croskery Hugh Croskery, b 1803 Wife's first marriage  
Davis William Davis, b c1800 Daughter in law's family most research by Don Davis
German Frederick German, b 1833 Cousin Mother's side  
McCallum William Gilchrist McCallum, b 1844 Wife's family  
Shepherd James Shepherd, b 1830 Sister's family  
Turnbull Mark Turnbull, b c1616 Self