Gail & Brian Turnbull Family

...because family matters!

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Home Webs
Since retiring Brian has been designing and maintaining web sites. He is self taught and currently is using Joomla, which  is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License.
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1   Link   Lake Louisa Property Owners Association
The LLPOA serves all residents of Lake Louisa in both Municipalities of Wentworth and Wentworth-Nord, Quebec. Their prime focus is on the environment and educating their neighbours on the need to be environmentally prudent.
2   Link   Turnbull Clan Association
The Turnbull Clan Association (TCA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to research, preserve, and promote our Celtic cultural heritage and clan family history for the enjoyment and benefit of our members and of future generations. TCA also serves as a fraternal organization which brings together individuals who are descended from the Turnbull family and its branches. Variations of the name Turnbull and family septs include: Tornbule, Tornbule, Tornebu, Tourneboeuf, Tournebu, Tournebull, Tremble, Trimble, Trombel, Trumball, Trumble, Trumbull, Trumell, Trummel, Turnball, Turnbo, Turnbul, Turnebull, Roule, and Rule.
3   Link   Parish of the Lower Laurentians
A group of four enthusiastic Anglican churches. Recently formed into the new Parish of the Lower Laurentians, in the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. All the churches are in the Laurentian Mountains just north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
4   Link   Parish of Lachute
Following the reorganization of the Parish of St. Andrew this site has become the Parish of Lachute. Located in the foothills of the Laurentians in Lachute, Quebec, Canada.
5   Link   Building O Bradenton Florida
A web site for the owners and friends of Building O, 3620 Ironwood Circle, Bradenton, Florida. An ideal location for quiet living with a healthy mix of golf and social activities.
6   Link   Nelson Garage Inc.
Nelson Garage has been in business since 1928 and is operated by the Nelson family. Located at 1100 Decarie Blvd. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
7   Link   Deb's Web Site
Deb Van Poolen lives at Earthaven Ecovillage near Asheville, North Carolina. She makes her living working as an artist and organic farmer. She also dedicates much of her energy to activism opposing war and destruction of ecosystems. She rather enjoys promoting sustainable solutions which include peace and justice for all creatures great and small!